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Thursday offering
by posted 10/04/2022


Both Mike Clement and I have work commitments Thursday evening, hence our plan to just have one practice this week.  However, Jud Corbin (Judson's dad) has offered to lead a casual "toss around" Thursday, 6-7pm.  So, not an official practice, but an opportunity to throw the ball around if you/your son wants to do so on Thursday.  Thanks Jud!  

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Tru Lacrosse Opportunity
by posted 10/03/2022


I just spoke with Tru  Lax.  They are putting together a 2030 team for two fall tournaments: Mile High Harvest, Oct 29/30 at Long Lake Park in Aravada; and Halloween Hustle Nov 5/6 at Broomfield County Commons Park in Broomfield.

They have some kids signed up, but are looking for additional players to round out their roster.  They know our kids from their participation in the Tru skills clinic this past summer and so are hoping some of our boys would like to play.  Currently this 2030 fall tournament team is practicing Monday and Wednesday 5-7pm at Sheridan High School.  They know we have a fall season to wrap up.  Our kids would be welcome to join the Tru team on Mondays only for the next few weeks until our fall season is done, or they can wait to start with the Tru team until Monday Oct 17th if you son/you would prefer to wait until our fall season is finished.  Either way is fine with the Tru coach. 

If you/your son is intersted, please let me know and give me the preferred email address you'd like the Tru coach to contact you on.  The cost of this fall play opportunity is being worked out and he said he'd have it figured out in the next few days.  Sheridan HS is a bit of a haul, but if we have a Mtn Lax crew going,  we can work out car pools to make it workable.

After the Nov 5/6 tournament, Tru will shut down for a break.  They will resume one practice/week starting Jan 5 to go through the winter, 730-9pm at Foothills Indoor.  There will also be a box program...details TBD.  This winter portion will be separate from the fall option.  So if your son wants to keep his stick in his hand over the winter, here's another great option.  If the fall option doesn't work out, you can do this separately.   

That's what I know....please let me know if you/your son wants to keep the stick going for these two  fall tournaments.  It  would be great to sprinkle some of our boys into this tournament team.

Now, back to my real job...


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by posted 10/02/2022


We are half way through our fall season games.  1 W, 2 L...definitely a new experience for this team!  Welcome to white level!!

The team is progressing, we are working hard every week on various aspects of the game.  Our offensive production is solid, so we have been focusing on goalie-led defense.  We need to prevent a few more goals, and get more of our many shots in the net.  JZ and Judson, thanks for your willingness to get in the net.  

For those aspiring long pole players...the key to success is time on the bounce back learning how to use that thing.  Please spend time outside of practice to harness the power of the long pole.  You just gotta put in the time...

One practice this week (Wednesday) and then hopefully two next week to finish off strong before the 2 game double header day on Oct 16.


If your son is hungry for more lax, Tru is looking to add to their 2030 team.  They play a few tournaments in late October and early novmber, and I think some box games during the winter.  I will speak to their coach tomorrow and get details.  Just wanted to get that on your radar if you are up for it.  It would be a good option for continuing work in the "off season".  If we have a core group, carpooling will be on! 



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Sunday Game Day/Next Week
by posted 10/01/2022

Tomorrow/Sunday, game at Stagecoach.

Show time: 9:15am

Game time: 10:00am

I need a volunteer to sit at the table and keep score and penalty time.  If you can do it, please let me know.  

This next week we will only have one practice on Wednesday.  NO PRACTICE THURSDAY. 

Our game next weekend is in Boulder.  

The final fall event will be Sunday the 16th.  We will have 2 games, likely at Sienna Park in Broomfield.  

See you tomorrow morning.


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