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Missing stick
by posted 10/14/2019

Hi all, 

In the excitment of front range victory, one of our boys forgot his Stick.  Evo Warp head (white), STX shaft (copper).  If you picked it up, please let me know.

Go Mountain!


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Thank you for a Great Season!
by posted 10/13/2019

Thank you all for a great season and trusting us with your boys!  Those teams were the best in Colorado Springs and our boys once again came to play as a team.  They can now say they beat all teams from Ft Collins to Colorado Springs!!

I do want to take a quick minute to let you know that hitting is allowed next year and the intensity will go up a notch again.  It is part of the reason that we split teams on skill level for u12 spring ball.  Having bigger kids with 5 years of lax beat on newer kids is not good for either of their development as players.  Take out checks will not be allowed, but they are allowed a 3 step run up and they are allowed to lower their shoulder. 

The coaches are meeting to figure out the details of spring ball next week, but in general we want 3 competitive teams where kids and teams can grow as a team.  This means smaller teams for more touches and playing time.  I am sure all kids want to make the red team, but I can assure you, kids mature in their own time. The level you play at in 6th grade does not predetermine your path for high school lax.  We also have a lot of coaches at all levels, U12 is stacked!

Lastly, I will likely be putting a box team for Jan/Feb.  I wanted to put out a feeler for who may be interested. It is a great game for developing stick skills, but it is a lot more intense and physical.  If your boy is a little contact shy for ground balls etc, I would recommend waiting out this winter’s team.  We do not want them to lose confidence for spring ball.  If they seek out contact, this is the league!  Cross checking on the back is legal so they do need an extra set of back/kidney pads.  Dropping the shoulder is also legal.  I do not know if they are allowed to take them into the boards at this age, I will find out.  I talked to the coaches who played last year and they said hits are not too bad until high school, but it will be a big jump up in physicality for the kids.    

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No Practice Tonight
by posted 10/10/2019

We were unable to get a gym for tonight so no practice.

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CYLA Fall Festival
by posted 10/08/2019


The long-awaited schedule for the Fall Festival was released!  The event will take place on Sunday, October 13th on the Air Force Academy.  

If you haven't had the opportunity to play there yet, it is a beautiful campus and will make a great day of Lacrosse! 

Please be sure to account for traffic entering the base.  The guards do a great job moving people through but it is a US military base and subject to vehicle inspections which can cause some delays.

Use the North Gate Entrance (Exit 156), once through security, head straight back (west) to the Soccer Fields area.

Here is the schedule:

Level Team 1 Team 2 time Field
U11/12A Ranger U12 Mountain Doherty 6th 10:00 7 v 7 field 4
U11/12A Pat U12 Mountain Hartmann 6th 11:00 7 v 7 field 4
U11/12A Pat U12 Mountain Doherty 6th 12:00 7 v 7 field 4
U11/12A Ranger U12 Mountain Hartmann 6th 1:00 7 v 7 field 4


Pretty cool that we also get a chance to cheer on our fellow Mountain team after our games!

Weather is looking bad for Thursday's practice.  We will try to get some indoor time and will update on that situation on Thursday.


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CYLA Fall Tourney
by posted 10/07/2019

Hi all, We have the CYLA Fall Tournament this Sunday scheduled at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, there are several athletes on both U12 teams that will miss it. Their Club teams have a tournament this weekend as well. The coaches are trying to manage the situation and will possibly ask players from each squad to fill in - if possible pending playing schedules. In order to do so, we need to know who will NOT be able to attend the CYLA tournament on Sunday. If you are NOT able to attend, please respond to this email as such. The tournament schedule has not been release to us, yet. All we know is the CYLA Tournament is on Sunday and we will have two games. We will be sure to update once the schedule is released. Thank you. The Coaches

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Passing along some Kudos
by posted 10/06/2019

Hi all, 

Great Game today!  Just wanted to let you know the coach for the other team came over and chatted to Tony and I for about 5 minutes post game.  He gave a huge complement to our boys and how hard they are playing.  He also noted that they all knew their jobs and played with discipline.  I absolutely love lacrosse because it is the ultimate team game.  If you don’t play as a cohesive unit, you can’t win.  Our boys once again played as a unit.  I loved the unselfish play today on offense.  The boys are looking for the open guy and our offense is doing great because of it.  On D we continue to crush it with the lowest amount of goals against in our division! 

I will be out next week and Coaches Tony and Reece will run practices. If you are running late or have other last minute things please text or call Tony:  303-842-9926.  If you are not able to make the game next week, please let us know as soon as possible so we can plan for it.  See you at the tournament next week.  Let’s keep the momentum going next weekend!



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Practice Tonight 5:45 to 7:00
by posted 10/03/2019

 Hi all, 

We are losing light so practices will be 1:15 long instead of 1:30.  Please arrive early enough that your boy can start practice dressed and ready to roll at 5:45.  It will be basically dark at 7 so I will wait until all kids are picked up.  If you are going to be late please text me at 307-761-1931.


Sunday, we have the early game at 9 at Marshdale.  Please arrive at 8:15 so we can have them dressed and warming up at 8:30.  We have found that the warms ups matter a lot in how they play!

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