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Change Team: 
Practice is on today...
by posted 02/28/2020

Rooney Road Sports Complex in Golden, field 4. 
We will be off promptly at 6 as the sun will be down. While it's warm now, it will be quite cool by the end of practice. 
See you there. 
Tomorrow, please arrive 8 am for our first scrimmage at 8:55. Again, Highland Heritage Park in Highlands Ranch.  Similarly, while it will be warm late in the day, temps for the first game are expected to be quite cool. 
Cleats work for both sessions. 

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No practice tonight, but on Thursday and Friday
by posted 02/26/2020

Rooney Rd Sports Complex is closed today so no practice. 
We are still on for Evergreen Middle School gym tomorrow night, 6-7:30, full equipment with SNEAKERS.

We just added the same Rooney Road Sports Complex in Golden, field 4, Friday 4:30-6. Weather looks more promising. Hope you can all make it. 

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Practice schedule update
by posted 02/25/2020

No practice tonight/Tuesday. Marshdale is not open and we have no indoor time  

Tomorrow/Wednesday, we have time at the Rooney Field turf in Golden 4:30-6, but even that is looking 50-50 right now. I'll update tomorrow. Stagecoach definitely not happening. 

Thursday we are at Evergreen Middle School gym 6-7:30. 


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AYL seeding scrimmages are Saturday
by posted 02/23/2020

Our AYL seeding scrimmages will be Saturday Feb 29, currently still planned for Highland Heritage Park.

We will play three games, at 8:55, 9:50, and 11:40. Games are two 20-minute periods each, a five-minute halftime, and no timeouts. Should be done by 12:30. More on that as we get closer. Just wanted you to be able to plan your weekend.

I will be back to you with any updates to our practice schedule this week, as we have backups Wednesday and Thursday should our regular fields be unavailable. 


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No practice Sunday
by posted 02/20/2020

EHS just reneged on our gym time Sunday, so practice is off. Sorry for multiple and confusing messages today. 


ESPN carries a few great college lacrosse games on Saturdays. Encourage your player to watch as much as homework and chores will allow :). They can learn lots. 

Have a nice weekend, 



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Next practice Sunday
by posted 02/20/2020

No practice today or tomorrow . We did manage to get in the Evergreen High School gym Sunday 3:30-5 pm. I know Sundays are held back for family time, apologies that this is all we could get. If the player can't make it, I understand, just let me know. 
Thanks, hope to see most of you Sunday,


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No practice
by posted 02/18/2020

At the risk of stating the obvious, there is no field availability today or tomorrow, and therefore no practice. It would take a miracle for Marshdale to clear for Thursday, but will update you accordingly. 


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