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8th Dries - No Practice Today - Updated Game Schedule
by posted 04/19/2021


No practice today due to cold weather/snow forecast for this afternoon and reduced numbers.  Doesn't look good for Wed either so TBD.  I'm about done with snow.

Good news is we have an updated game schedule up on the following link:

We are going to have a flurry of games starting Friday April 30th!


Ping me with questions and lets hope the end of week warmer forecast holds!


Coach Chris



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8th Dries - Covid and Season Update
by posted 04/17/2021


Unfortunately have some not so great news on the season.

As you may know, Evergreen Middle School is going back to on-line to deal with a Covid outbreak.  All EMS students are under quarantine until Friday, April 30th.  MLAX, per request by EMS and Jeffco Health, is going to abide by that quarantine for all of its EMS players (majority of the 6-8 grade players).  Given that about half of our 8th Dries team is EMS, we are going to have to push back our 4/24 and 4/25 games (as well as our 4/17 4/18 games that were due to weather) into May.  I will update you on game schedule when we get it.  For planning purposes we will probably have games on Sat and Sun for the weekend of May 1st and May 8th as well as 2 games during the weeknights.  We then start the playoffs the weekend of May 15th.

For practice, EMS players are also quarantined from practice until Friday April 30th (we will practice that day).  Given that we have 10 non-EMS players, our team will continue to hold practice for non-quarantined players on Mon & Wed at Marshdale from 6-7:30....IF IT EVER STOPS SNOWING!  I will update the team on practices based on availability.


Please ping me with questions, sorry for the news.

Coach Chris

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8th Dries - Both Games Canceled this Weekend
by posted 04/16/2021


Unfortunately both games are canceled for this weekend.

I will have further updates on reschedules tonight and will send out another email.


Coach Chris


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8th Dries - No Practice Tonight - Covid Update
by posted 04/15/2021


No practice tonight as we are on Stagecoach and the field is closed.

An update on the Covid issue from yesterday.  I guess Evergreen Middle School is having Covid troubles and is contacting affected students directly and telling them to quarantine.  MLAX policy is if you are quarantined for school that you must do the same for MLAX.  Thus, if you have to quarantine, can you please let me know so we know if you are out for this weekend's games?  I haven't heard from anyone on our team yet so just let me know if you are affected.

As for this weekend, we have a game Saturday and a game Sunday.  Based on the forecast, looks like our Saturday game is questionable and we'll just see what happens with the snow.  I will let everyone know when I hear any updates.

We are going to keep this season rolling!


Ping me with questions.


Coach Chris



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by posted 04/14/2021


We need to cancel practice tonight due to COVID protocol coming from Evergreen Middle School.

I don't have great details right now, but I have been advised not to hold practice indoors tonight.

More details to follow once I have them.

Sorry for the last minute notice but I just got this.

Coach Chris


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8th Dries - Practice 5-6 today at Golden Goal
by posted 04/14/2021


Lets keep practice tonight at Golden Goal from 5-6pm.

Tough call as field is clear, but forecast has rain/snow starting around practice time.

Predicting the weather is not my strong suit.

See you tonight!

Coach Chris


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8th Dries - Practice today at Golden Goal 5-6pm
by posted 04/14/2021


We are going to practice at Golden Goal today from 5-6 due to the weather.  We had a great practice on Monday and want to keep the momentum going!


If we dry out later this afternoon we may revert back to Marshdale and I will let you know by 2:30.


MLAX doesn't cover indoor time at this point in the season, thus if you could bring $7 to practice or Venmo me at @chrisdries that would be great.


See you down there!

Coach Chris



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8th Dries - Schedule this Week (4/12)
by posted 04/12/2021


Fun game this weekend, great effort all the way around with good competition!

Given the weather outlook, here is the schedule:


Monday:  6-7:30 at Marshdale (normal but dress warm)

Wed 5-6pm at Golden Goal (indoor due to snow; we have to cover this ourselves so it will be like $8-$10 per person, i'll give details TBD)

Thurs:  6-7:30 at Stagecoach (highly doubtful)

Sat & Sun:  We have a game on both Sat on Sun, but we'll have to see how the weather develops.



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8th Dries - Saturday Game at 10:15am
by posted 04/09/2021


We have our first game tomorrow!  We've had a great week of practice and it will be fun to give it a go tomorrow!

Here are the details:

Game Time:  10:15am

Please have your player at the field, fully dressed, with helmet on, ready to start warmup at 9:45 sharp.


Game Location:

Jefferson Square Park
5773 Happy Canyon Road
Denver, CO  80237


Things to remember:

Water Bottle (you will definitely need it and you can't share)


COVID Protocol:

Given the recent change in dial status, I'm not exactly sure if/how this will affect our game given that the field is in Denver.
Thus, lets do the following:

Players:  wear a mask until you get on the player's sideline.

Parents: wear a mask until you get on the parent's sideline and then keep it on if you can't social distance (yes, even if you've been vaccinated, only because I have no idea how that is going to work either).

Coaches:  we'll try to wear masks on the player's sideline when not screaming hysterically at the boys.

We just want to play and don't want to get shut down for any reason!!


PLEASE let me know ASAP if you cannot make the game tomorrow.  We carefully plan our roster and rotations to help us ensure all players get good field time during the game. 

If you don't show and we don't know about it, it creates unneeded stress!  Just a simple reply or text is fine, no explanation needed.


See everyone tomorrow!

Coach Chris

303.888.3168 c


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8th Dries Practice is at Stagecoach tonight!
by posted 04/08/2021


Reminder that practice tonight is at Stagecoach field! 6-7:30

See you there 

Coach Chris

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8th Dries - Picture Reminder Today 5:30
by posted 04/07/2021


A reminder that we have pictures today at 5:30 at Marshdale ahead of our practice.

Please go to the following link to sign up:

Practice will follow from 6-7:30.


See you tonight!


Coach Chris

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