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MLAX Girls Assessments 6th-8th Grades


MLAX conducts a girls’ player assessments for spring season team formation in order to place players on the appropriate team for their skill level.  We do this with the goal of maximizing each players’ individual enjoyment of the sport.

*All 6th-8th grade girls are encouraged to attend both assessment dates, but should attend at least one assessment date. If you do not attend, we will rely on coach feedback for 2020 Spring placement.

Assessment Details:

Sunday, October 27th 3-5pm

Sunday, November 3rd 3-5pm

Where:  Marshdale Field

Cost:  There is NO cost, but you still need to register as well as have a current US Lacrosse membership for insurance and liability purposes (most of you are probably current).

All girls in grades 6-8th new or returning are expected to attend Attending the clinics are good opportunity to work on your skills for the spring season and helps us to get to know the talent we have at each grade level to register teams in the right AYL division.

Here are a couple of key points regarding assessments:

  • All players are encouraged to attend both assessments.

  • In unique cases where players cannot attend assessments due to injury or other circumstance players will be placed on the appropriate team by determination of the coaching staff. 

  • Independent assessors will be assigned to each age level and will assess players on 4 categories:  stick skills, offense, defense, overall Lax IQ.  They will also be looking for coachability and effort.

  • Results from the assessments will be used to construct teams.

I'm sure we've forgotten to tell you something so if you have any questions please email and we'll get you answers. 

The MLAX Team Formation Policy

For those that are not familiar with the MLAX team formation policy, it was developed in 2009 as a result of a study the MLAX board conducted into how lacrosse leagues across the country did team formation.  The league has followed that policy every year since.  The basic tenants of the policy are the following:

For the U8-U11 age groups, teams are formed in the beginning years using the recreational goals of friends, geographic locations, schools, car pools, etc.  Those teams are then allowed to grow and develop together.  If needed, player/team changes are managed through a Blind Draft methodology to ensure the highest level of fairness to all participants.

With the U12-U14 age groups, the MLAX policy is to form teams using player assessment to group kids of similar abilities together.  The objective is to give each player across the best opportunity to develop and succeed. It is not about winning, but it is about competing, developing every player, and keeping every player inspired for long term success at any level. Over the years, we have found that a player playing on a team too high for her ability can become frustrated and dejected while a player playing on a team too low for her ability can experience the exact same emotions.  Thus, we believe the quest for assessments is to minimize those frustrations and provide an environment for each player where confidence is maximized and development and enjoyment of the game follow.  

MLAX does look at each age group individually to make sure we will have quality coaching resources for all teams and that each team will be competitive within their assigned CGLA division.  This process is conducted every year and new clinic assessments are held each year to be fair to all players.


Base Cost: $0.00

Opened: 09/18/2019
Closes: 10/27/2019

Open to: Girls
born on or after: 11/08/1998

In Grades: 6 to 8 for 2019-20 School year


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