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Practice Cancelled
by posted 05/05/2021


They are opening EPRD fields but Stagecoach is too muddy, so they don't want us destroying the field. The last slot is gone from Marshdale, so I need to cancel it. These girls played for almost 2 1/2 hours yesterday, so I still think we had a good week!


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Update to Previous Email
by posted 05/03/2021

Sorry - the pictures and practice/scrimmage for Tuesday are at Marshdale!

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by posted 05/03/2021


Pictures are scheduled for tomorrow, arrival at 5:15pm and pictures at 5:30, please have them wear navy for the pictures.  We will then all practice/scrimmage together with the 7th/8th graders until 7:30. This is all assuming the weather cooperates. Next practice should be Wednesday at Stagecoach 6 - 7:30 assuming the weather cooperates. I will keep everyone up as the weather plays out. 

I can't say enough about how well everyone is playing. We have a variety of players - some that have played for years and others that just started. It has been amazing to see the growth in the new players over the last few weeks. Many of them have gone from quiet and intimidated to chatty and confident, which is exactly what i wanted! Cassidy played defense SO well that she caused a charge to be called on her opponent yesterday, Sophia kept begging to go in because she "wanted to run", Anna never, EVER, wants to come out of the game, Eliza proves again, she is intimidated by no one!, Ava - brand new to the sport and stepped up her confidence to take a shot and she SCORED, Sarah showed the speed and skills of a high-schooler - very fun to watch this girl play!! - these are just the highlights that come to mind from some of the kids that are newest to my team. This is the best season this team has had so far, and i'm very proud of the growth! 

I know everyone can't be at the games. We all have commitments, multiple kids, multiple sports, you name it! As we wrap up the regular season and move into the playoffs/championships, please try to come if possible and support these girls. I heard a few of them chatting yesterday that they don't feel like they hear the crowd cheer for them anymore because "they are used to seeing us win". Obviously, yesterday was exception - NOBODY wanted to be outside yesterday, but it gives me a chance to let you know their thoughts! They are having a blast and their best season ever, so let's end it with a lot of noise :)

Last game of regular season - Saturday, May 8th, 11:15am MLK Rec Center  - please be there by 10:45am for warmups. 

The season is important, but the playoffs/championships are where it really counts. Please, PLEASE let me know if anyone will be gone. Below is the only informaiton i have so far. We play on May 16th for the playoffs and if we do well, we play the weekend of May 22nd, 23rd. 


AYL Playoffs and Championship

May 14/15/16 playoffs - single elimination - (be prepared to play multiple games)

Girls - Cornerstone Park 

  • girls 1-5th Sat, May 15
  • girls 6-8th Sun, May 16

May 22/23 Championships - location tbd

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Game Is Still On!!
by posted 05/02/2021

Per AYL, they do not want to reschedule anything and games are still on . Even if we have wather/lightening delays, they want us to play!!


Go MOUNTAIN! See you all at noon

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by posted 04/29/2021


See the below comments regarding photos for our team. Team photos will be Tuesday, May 4th

4. Due to weather delays and EMS closing, there are 4 teams that have not had their team photos taken. Baxter, Emrich, Hutchen, and White's teams will be photographed Tues, May 4th. IF A FAMILY WITH MULTIPLE PLAYERS HAS A PLAYER ON ANY OF THESE 4 TEAMS, their order has been held. Unfortunately it was not possible to split orders for families with multiple players.
5. Orders for families with multiple players were bundled with the first team listed on the order form. So, if a family is asking where their order is, it may have been bundled with a sibling's team.
6. The ordering link is STILL OPEN until Tuesday, May 4th to accommodate late orders and the last 4 teams. Order link:

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Practice Cancelled/Fields are closed
by posted 04/28/2021

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Games This Weekend/ROSTER - PLEASE READ
by posted 04/28/2021

Addison twisted her ankle in practice on Monday and will not be able to play this weekend. We got an x-ray yesterday, no visible damage, which is awesome, but it's sprained so she needs some time to heal.  


Saturday game, 5/1 - I know Cassidy is out and Addison is out, so we have 12 players

Sunday game, 5/2 - I know Charlee is out ONLY for the 12:30 and Addison is out, so we have 12 players for 1 game and 13 for the other

We need 10 to play, so we have 2 subs which is fine, just please let me know as soon as possible if there are changes.

Saturday, May 1st - Game at 8:30am, please arrive no later than 8:00am to warm up - Broomfield, Anthem/Sienna Park

Sunday, May 2nd (TWO GAMES) - First game at 9am, please arrive no later than 8:30am to warm up - MARSHDALE, second game at 12:30pm, so be back by 12:00pm to warm up - MARSHDALE





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by posted 04/26/2021

Good morning - 

As of right now, the below schedule is accurate. Please keep checking the schedule because changes could still show up.

We will have practice tonight, 4:30 - 6:00 STAGECOACH. We will have 6th, 7th and 8th graders together for practice and scrimmage. If your girl attends EMS, she will only be allowed to practice if she has already had COVID or if you can provide a recent negative COVID test result. 

Rain/Snow possible this week. Our new schedule (since we lost Marshdale to Rugby on TH) is now Monday and Wednesday practices both at stagecoach. Normally our Monday schedule will be 5pm- 6pm and Wednesday will be 6pm - 7:30pm. However, we are doing 4:30 - 6:00 today because Wednesday doesn't look promising.

If you have an EMS kid who can't come to practice, please send them outside for some bounceback or pass with them - anything helps!

We have a busy weekend coming up and i'm expecting a full roster, so please let me know if i should expect otherwise.




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