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Mountain Lacrosse Code of Conduct

Mountain Lacrosse League (MLAX) abides by a strict Code of Conduct governing all coaches, players, officials and parents. The purpose of the Code is to ensure that all of those people associated with MLAX treat each other with dignity and respect.

The Code of Conduct is a condition of membership for all players, parents, coaches and officials. All members of MLAX agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and to be subjected to the consequences of violating the Code. It is understood that by enrolling into an MLAX program that players, parents and coaches are all bound by this Code of Conduct and its validity is hereby a matter of record and is not dependent upon physical signature.

All enforcement decisions made by the officials of MLAX are final and are not subject to review. No refunds will be granted to those players dismissed from the club for violating the Code of Conduct.



  1. Respect your teammates, coaches, referees and opponents at all times.
  2. Give 100% effort at each practice and game.
  3. Know the rules of the game of lacrosse and abide by them.
  4. Support and encourage your teammates. Set a positive example.
  5. Wear the required equipment at all games and practices, and keep your equipment well maintained.
  6. Display good sportsmanship at all times on and off the field.
  7. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, that's part of learning.
  8. Learn from your coaches; practice hard; play smart; Have Fun!
  9. Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.


  1. Teach and practice good sportsmanship at all games and practices. You are role models!
  2. Know the rules of the game of lacrosse.
  3. Respect the game of lacrosse. Respect the officials. Respect the coaches, who are volunteers.
  4. Do not coach your child. Let players play and coaches coach, and support both positively.
  5. Do not EVER criticize other players regardless of the circumstance.
  6. Follow the "24 Hour Rule"; if you have a complaint resulting from a game (or practice) situation, speak with the coach on the following day.
  7. If there is a serious problem, notify either the President, Program Director, or a member of the Board of Directors for MLAX.
  8. Emphasize the FUN of the game and the team, putting forth effort at all times, not wins and losses.


The MLAX Board has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in connection with any adult behavior that is quite simply, inappropriate. These actions include but are not limited to the following: i) approaching a coach during a game; ii) confronting a coach on the field or bench during a game or practice; iii) any violation of the MLAX 24 Hour Communications rule. The MLAX Board may deal with the problem and can ban adults from the fields due to inappropriate behavior. The MLAX Board may also remove the parent and their player from the association with no refund. The MLAX Board may also call parents in for a meeting at any time.


  1. Understand and align your actions with the principals of the Mountain Lacrosse organization at large.
  2. A coach is a role model, who must act with the highest moral character possible.
  3. A coach must be positive and constructive.  
  4. Respect the officials.  Respect the game of lacrosse. 
  5. Teach the rules of lacrosse. Abide by those rules in practices and games.
  6. Teach and practice good sportsmanship at all games and practices.
  7. Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.


  1. Any conduct, including abusive language and/ or gestures, racially insensitive remarks, damage to property or belongings, or any other conduct that reflects poorly on yourself or MLAX is deemed to be unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This rule applies to all players, parents, siblings and guests at all times when in or around games or practices as a member of MLAX.
  2. During a tournament or game when you are away, you are representing Mountain Lacrosse. Any conduct such as shoplifting, destruction of property, consumption of drugs or alcohol, or any other activity will not be tolerated. This rule applies for the entire time one is away for a game or tournament.
  3. The Board of Directors of MLAX will deal with unacceptable conduct at its sole discretion, imposing warnings, suspension or expulsion, as it deems appropriate. ANY SUSPENSION OR EXPULSION BASED ON VIOLATIONS OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT WILL NOT BE ACCOMPANIED BY A TUITION REFUND.



Coaches are expected to be receptive to all player communications and engage players proactive regarding issues such as practice performance or behavioral or attendance issues.

Please make sure to communicate all health issues such as allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, etc. that your player may have.  All health issues will be kept strictly confidential. 

If parents have issues or concerns regarding their child with a coach, they should discuss those with the coach, after observing the 24 hour waiting period (24 Hour Communications Rule).  If the parent is uncomfortable having this discussion or not satisfied with the outcome, then the parent should contact the Boys Program Director.

Please remember that all of our coaches are volunteers and contribute a significant amount of time and energy to MLAX.  Please respect their time and dedication to creating a fun, learning experience for all of our players.  Coaches accept and acknowledge responsibility for open and transparent communications with players and parents.



The following sets forth the discipline guidelines for responding to league participant Code of Conduct violations; HOWEVER, the MLAX Board reserves the right to vary its response from these guidelines based on the severity of the violation of this Code.







Warning; Bench time




Game Suspension

Season Ban from Games & Practices

MLAX Coach Committee Review


Season Suspension