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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


Q.  What programs are available through the Mountain Lacrosse League (MLAX)?

A.  We offer both Spring season and Fall season programs.  For Spring season we offer a full CYLA (Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association) program for Boy’s U8 through U14/15 and CGLA (Colorado Girls Lacrosse Association) Girls U8/U9 through U14/15 teams.  For Fall Season we offer a Boy's CYLA Fall League Teams for U9, U11, U13, U15 and a K-4th grade clinic for both Boys and Girls.    Please check our Boys' Lacrosse and Girls' Lacrosse tabs to see complete program details.


Q.  What are registration fees?

A.  For the 2014 Spring season, registration fees are $225 for Boys and $175 for Girls.  This goes to the fund the league’s operating costs including CYLA fees, EPRD field usage fees, administrative costs, insurance fees, official’s fees, etc.).  Team uniforms are $65 and include a MLAX jersey, shorts, and reversable practice penny.  MLAX is a non-profit organization.

Q.  When do the various programs start/end?

A.  Spring season generally starts the end of February/beginning of March depending on the weather and field conditions.  Games start end of March.  The season runs through the end of May/early June.  Fall season starts middle of September and runs through the end of October.

Q.  How often are practices and games?

A.  Spring practices are 2-3x week depending on age group, with games on Saturdays.  Fall season practices are 1x per week with games on weekends or weekday nights depending on the program.

Q.  Is Lacrosse a contact sport?
A.  Lacrosse is a full contact sport similar to Hockey.  However, at the younger ages, contact is limited by rule.  Please see the Rules section of the Boy's Lacrosse Tab for complete description of contact rules by grade level.  Girl's Lacrosse is a non-contact sport.

Q.  What equipment is required to play lacrosse?


A.  In addition to having a boy’s Lacrosse stick, boy’s are required to wear an approved lacrosse helmet, shoulder/rib pads, arm pads, gloves, athletic cup, and mouth guard.  Girl’s have a girl specific stick are required to have approved Lacrosse eye guards and a mouthpiece.  Additional goalie gear for both boy’s and girls is provided by the MLL.

Q.  Which Evergreen fields are used for Mountain Lacrosse?
A.  Games and practices take place at many different fields including Stagecoach Field, Bergen Meadow, Bergen Valley, Marshdale and Evergreen High School.

Q.  How are players assigned to teams?  Is there a competitive program?
A.  For 2014, MLAX has adopted new Player Assignment Guidelines for placement on spring teams.  Please see a full description of these new guidelines under the Player Info tab on the homepage.